Silverburn Art Trail

Three of my large sculptures, sponsored by Hartford Homes, have been installed at the Lily ponds alongside the Silverburn as part of the Silverburn Art Trail.

Each piece has been created from vibrant stained glass framed beautifully by Manx grown larch. The timber, felled in Claughbane plantation, Ramsey, Isle of Man, weathers beautifully and once the natural plants regrow the pieces will become at one with their surroundings.

In this natural environment, with shifting light patterns, the colourful glass is sometimes highlighted and sometimes concealed until the next shaft of light reveals a surprising flash of colour.

I have been so lucky to be helped by the following organisations to realise this project. Please click on the logos to visit their websites.

DEFA ( Department of Environment,Food and Agriculture) who care for our unique island and on a practical note cleared and sited the pieces

Further Media Links. Please click on the logos for more information.

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